Finding Your Calming Place

We are a nation of stressed-out people. Running around making sure everyone in the family gets where they need to go to. Your kids have to be a part of everything, so they do not feel left out.  It is getting worse because of technology, trying to keep up with social media and e-mail. I am in that group of technology over load. I have a Face Book, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twittter and etc. OK some of them I do not use all the time like Twitter, the only time I tweet is when we are traveling. We have dumb phones that you cannot put stuff on Facebook, so I have tweeter. I still do not know what LinkedIn is for; I am only on that because Dale told me to join.  I think social media is great because I can keep up with friends and family who are not close by.

There is a time when all of us need to just disconnect from the world around us. Each person has their own way to do this, for some it is exercising, music, arts, sitting in the woods hunting, reading. We need to find out where that place is to regroup and find peace. Ok, before the super Christians get on my case, taking time along with God is the best was to find peace. I know it is hard to find that quiet time with God. At this time in my life it is in the morning.  Most days I get up and Dale is at work already and get up, a open my iPad mini to have my devotions. Honestly, before I have my devotions I look at Face Book because mind is not clear enough to retain what I am reading in my devotion.

This year has been tough year trying to finding that calming place in my life since we resigned from our church a year ago. Before that I found calming in the creativeness in making the bulletin boards for church and putting lessons together for the children.  Exercising has been a great way for get calm, when you are walking alone and listening to the birds sing. Baking cookies helps a lot, but you can only make so many cookies. So with not only did I have everyday stress but I have been carrying the stress of trying to figure out was God’s will was for our family. Not only that but there is a stress that no person can understand unless you have been there and that is stress is every time I walk out of my house I have to look at the church we left. We are not just sitting because we want to be here but God told us to stay.

Where did I find the calming places in my life?

  1. Getting close to God
  2. Find the little things to thank God for
  3. Reading book, (I know that day I will need the wisdom)
  4. Coloring, yes I did say coloring (it helps my creative side)
  5. Talking about place we would like to visit after finding a church, like some friends’ homes
  6. Focusing on others by taking cookies to a lot of people
  7. Having close friends and family to talk too.
  8. Control what I watch on TV ( even the news which is really hard for me)
  9. Go out for a walk in nature.

So where is your calming place? As people we need to get away from the craziness of this world and find the calming force in our lives.



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