Sunday Night Thoughts

  • Sunday Night ThoughtsTonight I am writing this from Sheetz, because for some reason our internet at home is non-existent. Ever since the storms came through on Thursday the Internet has been a little hit and miss.
  • However, I am thankful that we have not experienced the devastation that West Virginia has experienced. We are praying for dear friends who are in the middle of it all and praying for those who are ministering and helping those in the affected areas.
  • This weekend was the beginning of our farewell tour. We had a picnic with some dear friends of ours last night. It was very bittersweet. But we are thankful and have built some more lifelong relationships here in the valley.
  • Today more friends took the family out to Red Lobster. It was a very good time and greatly appreciated. I don’t ever quite remember leaving a place being quite like this. We are thankful for good friends.
  • Yesterday we had a bit of a scare. Pam had an allergic reaction to something. We went to the emergency room and they took good care of us. Pam is back on the mend and feeling much better.
  • we continue to pack. In just three weeks, we will have our last Sunday here. That Sunday evening, we are having an evening of worship and I am really looking forward to it.
  • I did get some miles in running. Not as much as I would like, but they were some long distance miles.
  • In 28 days I will be writing my fist Sunday Night Thoughts from Eldred. We are nervous but excited about this ministry opportunity.
  • Thats it for tonight. Seize the day!

Prayer for the Week

Prayer_Banner_22-760x176Almighty God, you have built your Church upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone: Grant us so to be joined together in unity of spirit by their teaching, that we may be made a holy temple acceptable to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

People of Influence | Shirley Christman


My mom during a visit to Martinsville I believe.

I started off trying to write a post about all the people who have influenced me in my life. But I realize that some people needed their own post and others could share a post. Dr. Dobson talked a lot about making sure there were people in the lives of your children lives that would be a good influence – so that when they looked back they could see the great people who made them who they are as adults.

The most important person who guided my life was my mother. Just to let you know my father would say the same thing. Her name was Shirley Christman.  At a young age her mother was told that Shirley had a heart problem and may not live past 30 years old. My mother was told she was not to have any children because it would cause her to die or the children would be retarded.  She had six children. Only my sister Rebecca died a couple hours after birth.  For the rest of us we are as crazy as normal people can be.

My father was an evangelist for most of my life. So my mother was in a way a single parent when my father was away from home. Our family lived on love offerings and did not have a lot of money. As a child I never realized how poor we were because our mother sheltered us from that knowledge. She always had a garden and we always had chicken, even when we lived in the borough limits of Emmaus.  Our family was filled with love.

Our mom was also the religious leader in our home. She made sure we went to church and she was the best example of what a Christian mother should be. At one point in my brother’s and mine teens years, we were having a hard time with the church that had attended since I was four years old. The youth group was a closed group, only the cool kids were accepted into this little group. It had been that way since my sisters had been a part of the youth. If they were not accepted into it, my brother and I didn’t have chance to be a part of it. We started to hate church. It was a church that my mother loved going to.My brother and I start going to church with my sister and her boyfriend (became her husband). It hurt my mother deeply when she decided to change churches but the most important thing in my mother’s life was to see her children grow up and be strong Christians. It was at this church that both my brother and I got the call to go into ministry.  She was a great example of what a Christian woman should be. It was her example and faithfulness that guided us in the ways of the Lord and most of us are now in full time ministry.

My mother was also a great business woman. She started a consignment shop which was called Tots to Teens so she could send Deb, Rick and I to Christian school. As her and my father started to have problem with the public school – she decided to follow her mother’s example start a business. Not only did she send the three of us to Christian school but my first two years of college were paid for by the store.

When I was in second grade I was tested for a learning disability – which back then they were just starting to study kids with this disability.  My parents were told I had learning disability and that I had did not have a great future because of it. They were told I would never graduate high school and college was totally impossible.  When the school district gave up on me, my mother never did.  She pushed me and told me that I could whatever I wanted to do. When I was getting close to graduating college my mother sent a invitation to the school district doctor who to me I would be a failure.

When my father left the road and returned to ministry at a local church, my mother was a great example of a pastor’s wife. She worked beside my father and put as much sweat and tears in a church as he did. After I was ordained my father regreted that my mother never had the choice of being a pastor. In his words my mother would have made a better pastor than him.


Garmin_forerunner_10_1For Father’s Day, my kids got me a Garmin Forerunner 10.  I am pretty excited about that.  You may wonder why.  It’s a cool little watch device that allows me to track my runs.  It has a built-in GPS – not so much to tell me my route – I still get to determine that – but to track my run – to tell me how far I’ve run and how fast.

Up until Sunday, I wore Timex Ironman watch, which got the job done.  However there was always the post run, checking the route, entering into Map My Run and then finding out how my run was.  My Ironman was/is a great runner’s watch.

However, I love the way the Garmin works.  If I want to go out and explore a new route, I can do that.  I know how far I’ve run and how long it has taken me to get there.  I love that feature.

One cool thing that happened today was toward the end of my run.  I had planned at least an 8 miler.  I wasn’t quite sure of the route, but I was using parts of routes that I had used in the past.  Whether it’s how the GPS tracks the route or mapping errors with Map My Run, the GPS miles are just a little longer than the map miles.  Most of my waypoints that I am used to are just a little off – and it gets worse the longer the run goes.

Anyhow, I was near the end of the run and my pace was in the 10:10/mile ballpark – not very fast – even for a long, slow, distance run (for me.) at the 8 mile mark, I decided to pick up the pace – the watch has real-time pace tracking.  I saw it go down to a 9:30/mile and pushed even harder.  With each update I was pushing my immediate pace down.  At one point in that last .5 mile, I had my pace under an 8 minute mile.  I was please with that and excited that I was able to push that hard after an 8 miler.

I think this just might be able to help my training and get me running faster again.

…With His Own Two Hands

Webber-Seated-Sq“God is involved in creation with his own two hands—incarnate Word and Spirit—embracing the world to bring it into its final destination, the new heavens and the new earth. Christ has conquered sin and death by his death and resurrection, and in his return, he will put evil away forever, and heaven and earth and all that is within them will be united to God, fulfilling God’s eternal purpose for creation.” – Robert Webber, The Divine Embrace

The First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer – it’s the longest day of the year.  The sun was up early this morning and this will be the latest it will set.  I just may see blue sky on both ends of this day.  To celebrate, I’m posting one of my favorite summer songs by Chicago, “Saturday in the Park.”