Running Update


Here we are on the 28th of May.  It has been an interesting month.  The last couple of runs have been tough and now as I look back – on the month – and especially this week, I understand why I struggled.

So far this month I have run/walked 107+ miles.  The last time I did anywhere close to that mileage was back in October of 2014 – that my friends is a long time ago – at least in terms of running.  In addition, this week I ran/walked 37 miles.  That stat I don’t have readily available, but it has been a long time since I ran/walked 37 miles in a week.

This week did have a long run of 10 miles and I have been having moderate success with long runs this month.

I started out today slow, but by the end of the run my pace was down to a 9:39…not too shabby considering I worked 40 hours this week – on my feet for the full 40 hours and I ran 37 miles.

My plans for the end of the month include a walk tomorrow – a run on Monday morning and possibly a short run on Tuesday – my work schedule is a little weird next week.

Wednesday is National and Global Running Day – I have at least a 7 miler scheduled for that day – I have to work on Wednesday, so I’d rather not push that into a long run. That’s why I plan to run on Tuesday, to make up some of that mileage.

As you can tell, I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough month and still I Press On!

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