Lead Like Wesley

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Lead Like Wesley by Mark L. Gorveatte

I have to confess that as a pastor I have a hard time reading books about church leadership. I think the reason is I would rather read books about history or peoples lives. Most leadership books have dry fact and graphs that would excite Dale but not me.  Not all church leadership books are bad and when I read one I really like I want to let the world know about it. I have just finished the book “Lead Like Wesley” by Mark L. Gorveatte. I know the Wesleyan Church has been letting all the pastors and leaders know about this book. My hope in this post is to get the word out to other pastors and church who are not Wesleyan to find out about this book. This is about book for both pastors and lay leadership.

The thing I liked the most about the book was that Mark followed the ministry of John Wesley and told stories about his adventures in ministry.  He brought to life the passion that John Wesley had for those who needed it Jesus. Also John’s passion that those who were Christians or those who was saved under his ministry would live their lives to be a great example of Jesus.  I need to say as a type B personality it was a little overwhelming. John Wesley was a type A personality, I wonder how he would handle people who were not going at the pace he wanted them to go?

Here are the areas that are discussed in the book:

  1. Lead Diligently
  2. Lead Urgently
  3. Lead Positively
  4. Lead Candidly
  5. Lead Responsibly
  6. Lead Humbly
  7. Lead Boldly
  8. Lead Consistently
  9. Lead Accountably
  10. Lead Purposely

Each of these areas are very important not only for pastors but are just as important for lay leadership.  As leaders our lives should be lived on a higher standard than those around us.

Another thing that caught my attention was that when the classes got together, they were asked questions about their personal lives. It was to make sure they were living their lives to the standards which John Wesley thought Christians should live. Accountability was really important to John Wesley. My favorite one what time do you go to bed and wake up? They were also taught if they were not married they should talk to others to make sure that they were doing the right thing. Most people today would consider having to sit and answer question about their lives and lifestyles extreme. They would probably not tolerate it. But image how it would change the world we live now. To many historians the ministry of John and Charles Wesley saved England from a revolution like France was experiencing at the same time.  I totally believe we as a nation need leaders – both pastors and lay leaders – leading our church like John Wesley did. It could be the answer our nation needs at this time.


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