Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

10 Years

  • On the blog front, today marks the 10 year anniversary of blogging.  Originally the blog was called “Virginia Transplant,” then “Reflections from the Southside,” and now “Worshiping…In Spirit and In Truth.” Even though we are moving and I will be moving back to a pastoral role vs. a worship pastor role, I think I going to keep the name.  I’ve just renewed the domain name, so even if the name changed it would remain at  It really is hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for ten years.  I’ve outlasted a bunch of blogs, but maybe that’s because I have some purpose – and keep it changed up.  It is good to have Pam helping again.  For a time during the last couple of years, she would post about every two or three weeks.  Which means there was a time when I was doing more linking rather than original writing.
  • We have also upgraded the Tuesday Quote to a picture format, which I really like.
  • In the future, I may experiment with a video version of Sunday Night Thoughts again, but for now, it’s going to remain written.
  • I have written just shy of 5,000 posts and together Pam and I have written 9 posts shy of 5,400 posts.

70 Days

  • Just ten weeks remain until we are in Eldred, PA at McCrea Brook Wesleyan Church.  This past week we received two emails announcing that from our new district.  Pam and I have begun the process of transferring our credentials.  Now that means that I have to get serious about packing.


This morning we celebrated Pentecost at Waynesboro Wesleyan and as God would have it the Holy Spirit showed up in a mighty way.

Wrapping it Up

Looks like the rainy weather will be sticking around.  We have had a mixture of rain and sun – making plans for working out has been interesting.  This morning it was colder than it has been and tomorrow’s run might be chilly – 39 degrees is the forecast – on the silver lining side – it was snowing in Eldred this morning.

This week we continue to preparation to move – that is a wrap!

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