Mental Will

muscle_0Yes, sometimes the mind needs to be trained.  This morning was one of those morning that might have ended differently.  I would have much rather stayed in bed – however – Pam said “Go run like a bird.” I guess she means a roadrunner because most birds fly 🙂

I took her advice and went out and ran – the same route as last Saturday – this route goes from our house onto 262 and back.  It’s got a couple of tough hills.  I didn’t do it as fast as last week, but I am really starting to build my mileage.

As I write this I have completed 50 miles – before the halfway mark of the month.  I would love to complete 100 miles this month, because I haven’t done that in over a year.  I also completed 28 miles this week.  It’s been a long time since that happened last.  I’m really feeling good about all this and hope I can keep it up.

Even though I didn’t want to go out initially, I feel good about going out.  Like they say, the run that you regret is the one you didn’t do.  So keep pressing on!


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