We Are Going On a Journey

When our children were young we would play a game called “We going on a trip.” It was an ABC memory game. The first person would say a word that would being with A and the second person would repeat the first word then say a word that started with B. This would go on till only one person could say all twenty six words by memory.  Most times the words would not make sense to confuse the other people.

Well our family is on a new journey. We are packing everything we own and are moving in a couple of weeks. We have done this seven times in our marriage. Eight if you include moving out of our parents’ homes. Every time we have moved, we have looked at it as an adventure. Something is different this time, maybe it is our age or we are just tired of moving, we are hoping this is the last time we move till we retire. May be this time we had an image in our minds on the kind of church we wanted but God chose this church. Or could it be it seems a little overwhelming because we are moving to an area that is more rural then we have ever lived before. I am a little bit of a city girl. I do not know what it is. But like I said there is something different in our altitudes. Do not get me wrong, Dale and I excited about moving and going to the new church. We can see the great ministry this church can do for its community.

A month before we had a Skype interview with the people at the church, I was looking for a devotional book. I went on Wesleyan Publishing House web site and was looking at devotional books. I took me a couple of weeks to choose one. I decided to do “Finding Your Promise: Barren to Bounty the Life of Abraham” by Jane Rubietta. I know that God was the one who guided me to this devotional. As I am reading this devotional, I am seeing how God is understanding how I am feeling on this journey.  I am being reminded that I am not the only person in history that have felt the way I am feeling at this moment.  There may be some people who might be judging me while they are reading this post for not having faith in God.  It is not my faith in God that is lacking but as a human adjusting to a new environment is hard.

The good thing is God has already gone before us. He knows what we will be doing there and how we will fit into the community.  The Bible is full of promises that remind us that God will never put us in a place he does not think is best for us.


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