I Wear A Cross

Several years ago, we were at our district ordination and I noticed that one of my friends had a cross.  After the service, I asked him about it and he said that he always wears the cross. Usually it is under his shirt, but on special occasions (like ordination or communion,) he will wear it on the outside.

IMG_1320Several years ago, after I attended an Emmaus Walk, and received a cross.  That particular cross was rather large and I think showy.  I mentioned to Pam that I would like a cross like my friend has.  So two years ago at Christmas, Pam gave me a nice cross – which you see pictured.  I try to wear it everyday, even to work. Like my friend, I keep it underneath almost always, except for special services.

So, why would I do this? After all, I am worshiping the cross I wear?  Michael W. Smith even wrote a song about “A Cross of Gold” that speaks to the dangers.

I guess it comes down to the same reason people wear wedding bands. We don’t worship the wedding band, but we do wear wedding bands to show our commitment to the one we love.  It is a constant reminder that we pledged ourselves to each other and that commitment is as long as we both shall live.

I feel the same way about the cross I wear – it is a symbol – and by the way I love symbolism – of the one I have made a commitment to – as long as I live.  The cross reminds me of the great price that was paid for my sin and reminds me of the love that I have for my Savior.  It’s interesting because even though I have worn it for almost two years, I still know it’s there – I can feel it move underneath my shirt.  When it does, I am reminded of the One I serve and whose child I am.

I don’t wear it outside my shirt except for special occasions – like communion or a baptism service.  I see that as a reminder to stay humble.  Our Christmas tree has a hidden nail.  Only the family knows it’s there – but again it is a reminder of the price that was paid for our sin and that we can have salvation because of it.  Even though at work, it would have to remain hidden, I keep it hidden, not because I am ashamed of it, but because that it reminds me – after all – shouldn’t my love for Christ manifest itself in my interactions with people every day?

I don’t think that everyone needs to where a cross, like I said, there’s nothing special in wearing the cross, but it is a constant reminder of my commitment to Christ and my love for Him.


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