Ups and Downs

upskastorThis is so true – This has been a real week of ups and downs – figuratively and literally.

Here’s the good – I was able to run three times this week. In addition, I was able to get in one walk – that means I was out four times this week – for the first time in a while.

More good news – I completed over 21 miles this week.  In order to get 100 miles for the month, I have to average 25.

I had a strong run today on a tough course.  I ran from our house to Bells Lane.  That means I ran out our 1/4 mile driveway, complete with steep downhill, but on the way back that is a steep uphill at the 6 mile mark 😦 The route includes several hills including a long 1 mile incline at the four mile mark.

I also did some work on my running shoes this morning and eliminated some difficulty I was having

So that was the ups this week – how about the downs?

On Wednesday – while I was trying to run a 9 miler, I tripped on the sidewalk.  I came quite unexpected and I ended up spread eagle on the sidewalk.  As I got up and dusted myself off, I looked for my injuries – my hands were surprisingly free of any scraps, just a little on the right hand.  My left knee took a hit – because I can still feel it – but got just a little scrape – it was a spot just above my right knee that took the brunt of the fall – with a nice big brush burn.  It looked ugly for a while and still doesn’t look the greatest but it is healing.

The worst part about the fall is that I was still a mile from our van.  I started walking back but as I did, I noticed it wasn’t that bad, so I started running – easy.

That’s why I’m so glad today’s run felt so good.  As I type, I can feel the endorphins giving me that nice runner’s high.  So, despite the ups and downs – I am still pressing on!


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