Churches of Staunton, Augusta County, and Waynesboro | Part 1

I’ve had a pet project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Staunton, Augusta County, and Waynesboro have some beautiful churches.  I’ve been wanting to share them with you, but it seems I’ve never had the time to do it the way I wanted.  Time is now getting short, so I thought it’s time to get to it.  The plan is to share pictures of the churches that have been of interest to me.  The first cluster of pictures is going to be from a walk that Pam and I took this afternoon.  All of these churches are located less than 5 blocks from the center of Staunton.  These are all older churches with some great architecture.  I post them in the order that I took them.  Our tour started at Gypsy Hill Park and we walked east on Churchville Ave and turned south onto Augusta St.  There are four churches that come in fairly quick succession.If the church has a website, I’ve linked it below the picture.


Mt. Zion Baptist Church


Augusta Street United Methodist

I found it interesting that these first three have a somewhat similar architecture.


St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.  This church has just completed a year long outdoor renovation project.  For the last year most of the outside has been wrapped in scaffolding.

A left turn onto Frederick brings us to a historical church – First Presbyterian Church


First Presbyterian Church – this would be the church that Woodrow Wilson attended as a boy. His father was the pastor of Staunton Presbyterian Church, now known as First Presbyterian.  

A turn to the right onto Market Street brings us to a Jewish congregation.  Interestingly enough it is also used by an Anglican congregation part of ACNA (Anglican Church of North America)


Temple House of Israel. This is the home of a Reform Jewish congregation and also home to Anglican Church of the Valley.  

At this point Pam and I were walking – heading to the Sunspots Hot Glass Festival.  From the building above, you would turn right once again onto the main drag of Beverly Street.  (Note: this was a walking tour – several of the turns as I have mention would put you on the wrong direction of a one way street.)

Several blocks to the west (up Beverly Street) we find Trinity Episcopal Church


Trinity Episcopal Church – the oldest church in Staunton and also home to the Tiffany stained glass windows. 

Just two more blocks up Beverly (you can see Trinity in the background) is a newer congregation.


Grace Covenant Church – an evangelical, charismatic, and reformed local church

Several more blocks up the hill and another right turn bring us to First Baptist.


First Baptist Church – I have had the privilege of serving along side of this congregation as part of an area-wide Operation Christmas Child program.  Several Fourth of Julys have been spent at Gypsy Hill Park as they sell chicken sandwiches as part of a fundraiser for OCC. 

We have turned the corner onto Frederick – again walking against traffic – we come to an offshoot of Trinity Episcopal.  This is only several blocks (very easily with in walking distance) of Trinity.  Interesting that it was located here – so close (and with the blessing) of an existing Episcopal congregation.


Emmanuel Episcopal Church – an offshoot of the more famous Trinity Episcopal Church.  

A few blocks down Frederick on Lewis Street we find Faith Lutheran Church


Faith Lutheran Church

Across the street is a second United Methodist congregation.

Interestingly enough, I took all three of these pictures from a very similar vantage point.  When I turned around from CUMC – we now have Second Presbyterian Church.


Second Presbyterian Church – this is an offshoot of First Presbyterian and as you will learn later there is also a Third Presbyterian Church

So that is the first installment of The Churches of Staunton (and surrounding area).  I forgot that there are several non-traditional church buildings in this area.  We will try to put them in the next installment as we expand our reach beyond the downtown.  I hope you enjoy this little project.




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