Take Time to Get to Know Me

As pastors Dale and I are told to get to know the people in our churches, which is very important to do. We really try to do this by going to children’s sports games, recitals and other events. I learned to knit so when we went to see one of our shut ins, I spent time knitting with her.  Dale hung out with the men and learned how to make southern gravy.  I have watched a lot of movies and TV shows that the people talk about at church if they were something a Christian should watch. We learn to talk like the locals do – for example the people here in Augusta Country do not use the full names of the high school, Fort Defiance, was called Fort and Buffalo Gap was Gap.  We try to eat the favorite foods that are eaten in the area where we have lived in. There was only one thing I would not eat and that was pig brains. This has gotten easier with FaceBook and other social media.

Sometime it feels that there some people in our churches who do not want to get to know us. They make their judgement on who we are for what they see on Sunday morning. Just to let you know that most pastors’ minds are going a hundred directions on Sunday mornings. It may be that our minds are immersed in the idea of leading worship or preaching or teaching that we are distracted and it appears that we are not listening. We really try to pay attention to every one as much as we can. So, here are things I would like you to know about me. I am pretty sure there are a lot of pastors and their wives would like people in churches to know these things about them.

  1. I am human and being human I will fail in doing some stuff at times
  2. Our family has problems like everyone else has; sometime we do not what other people to know about them. As pastors we have to handle our family’s problems in silence while caring the weight of the problems of our congestion.
  3. I cannot please every a church, it is hard to please 40 to 100 people when everyone has a different opinion about what I should be like.
  4. I have a past like every other person in the world. Sometime you will not understand why I do things or say things. So, please do not judge me.

If you really want to get to know friend on Facebook, you will see the real me there away from the Sunday morning stresses.

So I will help you to get to know me here some of the great things about me

  1. I love God and just want to do whatever I can for Him.
  2. I am a great friend
  3. My biggest gift is encouragement
  4. I try my best to make everyone happy, so times I fail.
  5. I make really good cookies
  6. I like all kind of music but Christian contemporary and Country are my favorites
  7. I do not have time to stand on a soapbox and tell the world everything I am doing as a pastor because Christ is coming soon. There are people whole are dying and going to hell.
  8. I am creative to a point. If you want something decorated for church Dale is the person you should ask to do it.

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