Thank You for the Crows



The crows in our back yard

The past couple times I have called my sister, she have told me about all the beautiful birds that come to her bird feeders. My sister Barb lives in the house that my parents lived in before they died. My mother had the bird feeders in the same place as my sister has her birdfeeders so the birds know where to go for food.  I not have bird feeder in my yard and our back yard is next to a corn field.  Our family also composts our food near the fence near the corn field which attracts the crows and sometime buzzards.  Sometime I do see beautiful color birds in our yard and I am thankful birds too.  On November 19 , I encourage those who read our blog to the “Count 1,000 ways he loves you” challenge from Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts. I wrote this story so if you have not started our list of ways God loves, you can understand that the things on your list do not have be big or one time only.  I know I have wrote about this book a couple of times but I want to keep bringing up so I have a way to be accountable in my journey in trying to list 1,000 ways that God loves me.  So here are my list starting with number  65

  1. essential oils
  2. The soap dispenser that never seem to empty out
  3. Warm chili
  4. Floors even if they are cold
  5. Cookies to give to our friends who work at convenience stores on holidays
  6. For two crockpots to make Thanksgiving meals
  7. A dish washer
  8. Spending time with my daughter
  9. Having a great husband
  10. Warm days in the end November
  11. That is raining and not snow
  12. Our kids are caring people
  13. Warm clothing and blankets
  14. Sun shine
  15. The design the sun makes on the car window when it has frost on it
  16. Friends to send Christmas card to.
  17. Having someone to hang out with
  18. A friend who goes out to lunch with you
  19. The sun that melts the frost on the car window.
  20. The way the frost paints God’s earth
  21. Christmas cards from friends and family
  22. Beautiful sunrises
  23. A warm December
  24. A friendly smile at the Post Office
  25. A song on the radio
  26. Fun family times
  27. Safety on the road
  28. The gift God has given us to brighten others’ lives
  29. A 50 cent raise
  30. Hugs from friends who I have not seen in a while
  31. Cookies to give to those who work on Christmas
  32. The clouds that look like frosting on the mountains
  33. Hugs from the children at church
  34. Our children are out of school
  35. A small voice saying “Hi Pastor Ham”
  36. A good husband
  37. A blessed Christmas
  38. Watching our grandson open his Christmas presents via Face Time.
  39. The smell of food
  40. How the car lights look on the grass covered with frost in the dark of morning
  41. The comfort the moon gives you on the dark morning
  42. A planet you can see on a dark morning to remind you are not the center of the universe
  43. Warm cup of hot coco
  44. Watching my grandson play on Face time
  45. Safety on the roads (my husband and daughter were almost kill because a driver crossed the lines)
  46. Spending time with the family
  47. A gift of popcorn from a friend
  48. Money to pay of our car loan
  49. Low gas prices
  50. To have someone to curl up to and hug after a nightmare
  51. Warm soup on a cold day
  52. Having the kids home from Canada for a week
  53. Friends caring for us as they plowed us out after a big snow storm
  54. Friends to pray for us
  55. Going out to breakfast with my husband
  56. Having extra time in the morning to spent in a warm bed
  57. An e-mail that makes you smile
  58. Having a friend who you can be open with.
  59. Safety on the road (we drive a lot)
  60. For the seven cardinals

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