Running Update

12919685_10153369215156987_4140344805013079975_nToday marks the fourth Saturday in a row I was able to get in a run.  It was a bit nippy, but warmed up quickly as the sun came out.  This also marks three weeks in a row of a full running and walking schedule.  This week’s running was good – to relatively fast 5 milers – a long 8 miler and what I believe I could call today’s run – a recovery run.

This week I was able to cover 27 miles – in two walks and 3 runs.  Which brings my monthly total to 86.5 miles.  This makes me really happy. Why?  I have now beat November’s total of 78 miles.  This means this is the best monthly mileage since June of last year where I ran 93 miles.  Only two other months in 2015 saw more mileage – April with 92 and March with 100.  As you can see, I am a scant 14 miles from my best mileage in a year.  I really want to break June and April’s totals – which could be done with a walk and a run – Monday and Wednesday’s runs should do it.

So I am making progress and persevering.  Let’s all press on!


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