Our Great High Priest

A Monday of Holy Week Devotional

Jesus-my-high-priest For centuries God’s people spent their time giving offerings to God. Yearly they had to make a trip to Jerusalem to sacrifice to God for themselves and their family during Passover. Not only that but the high priests had to sacrifice a bull for the sins of his family and the goat for the sins of the whole nation of Israel. He would take the blood in to the Holy of holies on Yom Kuppur or Day of Atonement and pour the blood on the altar. The Altar was the symbol of God’s presence to the Jewish people in the Bible time. The high priest’s job was to be a go between God and the children of Israel.  Yom Kuppur was the only day the High priest could go into the Holy of holies and he was the only person that could ever step in to that room. When the high priest was getting ready to enter the Holy of holies they would tie a rope around his waist because if the high priest was not living the life his should have, God would strike him down.  The high priest body would have to be pulled out of the Holy of holies.

When Jesus came to earth, he came as the last and perfect sacrifice.  Humans would no longer need to be cleansed from their sins, because Christ is the high priest. When we received Jesus into our lives, he became our high priest. We no longer have to go to a human to get to God.  Unlike the human high priest that would some time break their oath to God, Jesus who is perfect,  will never break his oath.  Hebrews 7: 20-28 tells us that

This new system was established with a solemn oath. Aaron’s descendants became priests without such an oath, but there was an oath regarding Jesus. For God said to him,

“The Lord has taken an oath and will not break his vow:
    ‘You are a priest forever.’”

Because of this oath, Jesus is the one who guarantees this better covenant with God.

There were many priests under the old system, for death prevented them from remaining in office. But because Jesus lives forever, his priesthood lasts forever. Therefore he is able, once and forever, to save those who come to God through him. He lives forever to intercede with God on their behalf.

He is the kind of high priest we need because he is holy and blameless, unstained by sin. He has been set apart from sinners and has been given the highest place of honor in heaven. Unlike those other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrifices every day. They did this for their own sins first and then for the sins of the people. But Jesus did this once for all when he offered himself as the sacrifice for the people’s sins. The law appointed high priests who were limited by human weakness. But after the law was given, God appointed his Son with an oath, and his Son has been made the perfect High Priest forever.

When Jesus ascended into heaven was giving the seat on God’s right side so he could intercede for us all the time. He did not have to wait for a special day or time. He has God’s attention all the time. Also we do not have to worry about if our sacrifice is good enough because Jesus was perfect. There is nothing we offer or do to do the job, Jesus did for us on the cross.


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