Running Update


It’s been several weeks since I have posted anything about running, but that’s because I really haven’t had anything to post about.  The last couple of weeks have been fairly underwhelming.  But this last week has shown some promise.  For the first time since early January I was able to get in 4 runs in 8 days.  In addition to that I got in several walks with Pam, so on the 12th day of March I already have in 37 miles.  To put that in perspective, in February I had 27 miles and in January I had 43 miles.  In December I had 45 miles.  November’s total was 78 miles, so I am trying to get close to that.  This week my goal was to get in three 5 mile runs.  That goal was completed.  This week my goal is 3 runs again, but on Wednesday (the day I don’t work) I plan on running for an hour.  Which should take me somewhere over 6 miles.  I also plan to get in some more walks because it is surprising how much they add to the mileage.  Plus the weather has been so nice that it is nice to get out in the fresh air in the afternoons.

On a side note, it was interesting to see how many couples were running in the park this morning.  One or two of those couples also had running strollers.  And there were many solo runners as well.  It looks like the nice weather is bringing out the runners.

So that is about all I have this week….Pressing On!


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