The Eye of Art

51pbO0YuiFL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_The arts have always played a big part in our family’s life. Dale is a musician. I worked in daycares for a few of years before our children were born. We understand the importance of art and how it helps children in their lives. It is no surprise that we surrounded our children with the arts. Dale was in college at Indiana Wesleyan studying music when our girls were young.  This helped us with teaching our girls about the arts. Dale took class in classical music so he had to bring classical music in to our house to listen to and our girls learned to enjoy classical music. We also got to take them to concerts and plays at the college. Our son was less than a year old when he attended his first concert of the Messiah.  Indiana Wesleyan also had an art gallery so the art students got to show off their art which I took the girls to see. Also we took them to the Marion Library for crafts, in the winter it was once a month, in the summer it was once a week. One of their favorite videos was Linnea in Monet’s garden movie . We always had water colors, crayons, makers, and other things they could create thing from. The first real art museum that our girls went to was the Indianapolis Museum and Art. They were in first and third grade. We took them to an exhibit that Disney was exhibited Snow White’s drawings from the movie in 1938.

It is great to see our oldest daughter raising our grandson in the arts just like us.

I know a lot of kids do not get a chance to learn about the arts like our children. Especially, these days because our schools have decided that the arts are not important to put money into. Or parents who will love to teach their kids about the arts and do not have the resources like art museums and concert halls. So there are a lot of children who will never learn the joy of art. I read a book that is called An Eye for Art : Focusing on Great Artists and Their works by National Gallery of Art.  This book is for children and show master pieces from the great artists throughout history. It tells about each artist and gives a glimpse into their lives. At the end of each chapter it shows the masterpiece again and asks question about it and lets the child gives their view about the master piece. Then each chapter has an art project for the child to do to bring their creativity. In my view this is a must have book for people with children.


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