Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

So here we are on the last Sunday of February.  Today was a beautiful Spring preview kind of day.  So nice that we walked in the park and by the time we completed one lap (1.36 miles) I took my long sleeved running shirt off and walked in a t-shirt.  It was so good to feel the warm sun and work up just a bit of a sweat.  Pam and Anna both joined me.  We took more of a casual walk instead of a power walk, but a power walk would have been tough with the pedestrian and car traffic in the park.  Many others had the same idea.

Hopefully the weather will stay like this and I will get some quality runs in this week.  This past week, I had two phone interviews with district superintendents.  I would continue to ask for your prayers as we seek the Lord’s direction.

This morning we worshiped once again with our friends at Waynesboro.  Our numbers were a little smaller because one of the charter members are in her last hours on this earth and many of the congregation were with her.  Despite that there was a good spirit in the service as we learned about the power of prayer.

So that is the short version tonight.  I don’t have to pick up Anna at Cracker Barrel so I’m heading off to bed.  Have a great week!

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