Make It Work

My computer set up at church

My computer set up at church

One of the TV shows that my daughter Anna and I like to watch is Project Runway. One of the most famous phrases that have come out of Project Runway is from Tim Gunn, he says in every show “make it work”.  This has become my motto since we started to help out at Waynesboro Wesleyan Church.  Why, because most of my ministry supplies are packed in boxes which are sitting in my son’s room. I do not know which boxes have what, so I have to use the resources I can find in our home which are Children Ministry Deal curriculum that has been downloaded to my computer. Also we when from a church that understood the value of technology in the children ministry where I had a large screen TV to use Power Point, to a church that is not even connected to the internet. I started to use the computer and a desktop computer monitor and a little Bluetooth speaker because there is something wrong with my computer speakers, which works out pretty good.  I also have to work with the fact that every other week most of the children have to miss because their parents separation which in a normal event in most churches these days. Unfortunately, most of the older children are gone and most of those weeks I will only have a three year old in my class. I has been over sixteen years since I taught two and three year olds, most of my resources are for elementary children. I had to make the lesson work for younger children.  I am really not complaining, this has been a growing moment in my life.  You know the saying what does not break you makes you a better person. That is what this period in my life has been.


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