Running Update

Girl-Running-Motivational-QuotesToday is the end of week 2 of 2016.  So far for the month and the year I have accumulated 39 miles and that complete 3% of my goal for the year.  Not all of those miles have been running miles, but one of my other goals is to get increase my walking miles as well.

This week I completed 18 miles – not bad considering – I really should have went for a walk on Thursday evening to increase my miles.  I had some good runs this week as I get used to the hills of Staunton again.  Most of my runs are right in the 9 minute mile area.  January is a tough month.  As I look at the long-term forecast, this looks like this may be the toughest week coming up – statistically it is one of the coldest weeks of the year.  After that it looks like the weather will let up again and I’ll be able to really crank up the mileage.  Pressing On!


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