Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Today is the 10th of January.  We are already 10 days into the new year.  Hard to believe.  Finally it looks like winter has arrived in the Shenandoah Valley.  We had one day of single digit lows last week and we will have a low 10’s low this week.  However, this year is not like the last two, at least so far.  We did finally see our first snow even though it was just flurries.  As the front came through today, the wind really picked up.  I went out for a walk/run this afternoon.  I originally was just going to walk, since we had just eaten, but after seven laps I was feeling good – I walked 8 laps (3.2K) or just under 2 miles in 25:21 which is under a 13 minute mile.  That is some quick walking.  I was feeling good enough to try 12 laps or 4.8K or just under three miles.  That was run at a 9:15 min/mile.  Not too bad for legs that have worked a few hours this week and ran yesterday.   It was a good way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

We had a good morning with our friends over at Waynesboro Wesleyan as we worshiped with them this morning.  We had a great Sunday School lesson that talked about and we discussed grace – which as you can see by my Sunday Set List below was the theme of the songs I picked.  We were looking at the story of Jonah and that each one of us is saved by grace.  I’ll probably write something for Wednesday that discusses this a little further.  I was pleasantly surprised by the discussion.  During the preaching part of worship, we were challenged with the first of seven “R”s for the new year and the first was quite the challenge – which is resolution.  I have a very personal prayer request for our family that I am seeking resolution to.  God is calling us to be determined in this matter, because it requires perseverance – just like the widow that Jesus tells a parable about.  It was a great day with God’s people.

My schedule looks a little different this week. I actually get two days off in a row this week.  Tomorrow is also a day off and the family is getting out of the house tomorrow for a little R and R.  I am looking forward to it.

That’s about it for this week.  Have and awesome week and make the most of it for Jesus!


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