Seven Random Acts

Random-Acts-of-KindnessAs we start a new year, it is a time to start making changes in our lives. One of the things you can try to do this year is to do seven acts of kindness a day. You may want to know why I picked seven acts. I heard John Maxwell on a morning news show one morning and he suggested seven act of kindness. I thought that was a good number.  John Maxwell definition of a random act is something we do for people who cannot repay us for the acts of kindness. I know that there are some people who may not be very comfortable with that. Dale and I started doing this and at first it was not easy, both of us are shy. It gets easier the longer we do it. Not only did we grow from getting out of our comfort zone but we have also been blessed in numbers of ways. We take a little gift to a local school every month of the school year.  Most of them are homemade items like cards, cookies and other things. We also take cookies to the some of the convenience stores in our area especially on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  The past two Christmases we made homemade ornaments and handed them out to random people.

Remember they do not have to cost a lot or be something big. It could be a smile, opening the door for someone or paying for someones food or coffee.  If we start by going out of our way to make someones day better, maybe they take the clue and do an act of kindness for some one else. Just think if we all take the time to care for others doing random acts of kindness, we can start changing the world around us.  Here are some things you can do to make someones day a little better, sometimes it is the little things that can bring the biggest joy.

  • A look into someone eyes
  • A smile
  • Opening a door for someone
  • Treating someone with respect who is serving you at store, restaurant, post office, etc.
  • Write a note
  • Make cookies and hand them out to people
  • Offer to help someone put packages in their car
  • Pay for someones food or coffee
  • Take the time to talk to older people
  • Go visit at a retirement home
  • Do not get impatient with mothers of little children
  • Make some special treats for teachers at a local school

Just take the time and look around to see a moment to act kind to some one.



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