Icon-WaitingAreaThis past year has been a waiting game for Dale and I. We have been looking for a church position for  the past tenmonths and still we are waiting for God to tell us where we are going. To be honest it has been hard. It hard to have people keep asking you “why don’t you have a church yet” and you have no answers. There have been times when I have got mad at God and there have been times I have been really scared. I felt like God has forgotten us.  It has been a dark, dark dark time in our lives. Yet during this time there times when we have seen God’s love for us, they have been little glimmers of hope. Times when God arms wrapped around us.

Then I remember the Israelites, God had not communicated with them for four hundred years. He promised them that he would send the Messiah, someone to help them from those who wanted to hurt them and rule over them. Then nothing for four hundred years, I cannot image how that would feel.  Imaging everything those Israelites when through as they waited.  I am sure that there were times when God sent a little glimmer of hope in their lives. One day God kept the promise and Jesus was born to save all people from everlasting death.  Now in the twenty first century we are waiting for Jesus to return and come to get all who believe in him.  Our world looks like it is falling apart at this time in history. To some it may look hopeless but through history people had said “there is no hope’.  With God there is always hope and he has not forgotten us in the twenty first century we just need to look for those glimmers of God’s love. God has not forgotten us.


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