How Are You Decorating Your Life?

adventOne Christmas morning when we lived in Flint, MI, our family went to the living room to open our presents and discovered we had not finish decorating our Christmas tree. The boxes sat next to the tree full of ornaments but we never had the time to do put them on the tree. We were so busy with church functions like practices for the Christmas musical, children programs and all those Christmas parties. We never got our home ready for our family’s Christmas.

The sad part of this is there are a lot of Christians who do not prepare for the coming Christ. Advent is one of times of preparation in the Church year. Lent is the other time we as Christian prepare ourselves. During the Advent season we talk about the coming Christ. For most churches that means Christ coming as a baby but as Christian in the twenty first century we should be preparing our lives for Christ the groom coming for his bride the church.  Our lives gets so busy that we sometimes forget that Christ is coming sometime — we do not know when. We just need to be ready. So, this Advent season the most important thing that we need to focus on is are we ready for the King of kings and the Lord of lords?  The second thing is are we telling others about the coming King. Things like presents, trees,  churches  music program and children plays, party are fun, but are they as important as getting your life ready for Christ’s coming.


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