Running Update | Recovery

recoveryThis week has been a week of recovery from my strained hamstring.  It has been a good week in that I picked up 18 miles – mostly by walking.  Today and Monday I went out for some recovering runs. We have two local tracks, one at the high school and the other at a local college.  I can only use the high school track during non-school times.  Most of my runs are during school time, so I don’t get there much.  But the two run walks I did were very good – every thing feels good with no pain in the hamstring.  This week the plan is to do more of the same – walk/runs – intervals of walking and running.  There were some good moments during my running intervals.  Many of those short runs were at just over an 8 min/mile pace – which shows that I need to do more of that – speed work.  November was a good month for running/walking.  I collected 75 miles this month – one of the better months of the year.  Hopefully I can eclipse that in December.

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