Running Update | Testing the Waters

person-in-red-shorts-with-leg-crampsSo I was out running on Wednesday, doing my long run.  I was well warmed up – at about the halfway point, so I was already over 5 miles, when I felt a sharp pain in the back of my thigh – more running was out of the question.  At first I simply thought it was a cramp – but the next day while on break at work, I came across an article from Runner’s World about hamstrings.  Apparently, I’ve pulled it – and it is a mild strain.  I’ve been resting (as much as possible while still working 40 hours) and taking the typical anti-inflammatory meds and elevating it when possible.

This morning I thought I would go out and find out how things were doing.  I went out to the track – where I took my very first serious run 6 years ago – very gently – very slowly – I got out to about 150 meters and slowed back to a walk.  It looks like I’ll have to wait, although I did do the same thing three more times this morning.  As I was finishing up I had a strange thought.  Six years ago after doing the same thing, I thought I was going to die – and it took 20 minutes to do it.  Today those same four laps took just 13:07 and except for the mild pain in my hamstring, felt really good – It doesn’t really feel like I did anything, but I didn’t want to go further and risk pulling something.  It looks like walks are in my future for the next week or so.

So for now, I’m pressing on even as I rest.


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