Reign of Christ Sunday

Reign of Christ – Proper 29 (34) (November 22, 2015)



Psalm 132:1-18 New Living Translation

A song for pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem.

Lord, remember David
    and all that he suffered.
He made a solemn promise to the Lord.
    He vowed to the Mighty One of Israel,
“I will not go home;
    I will not let myself rest.
I will not let my eyes sleep
    nor close my eyelids in slumber
until I find a place to build a house for the Lord,
    a sanctuary for the Mighty One of Israel.”

We heard that the Ark was in Ephrathah;
    then we found it in the distant countryside of Jaar.
Let us go to the sanctuary of the Lord;
    let us worship at the footstool of his throne.
Arise, O Lord, and enter your resting place,
    along with the Ark, the symbol of your power.
May your priests be clothed in godliness;
    may your loyal servants sing for joy.
For the sake of your servant David,
    do not reject the king you have anointed.
The Lord swore an oath to David
    with a promise he will never take back:
“I will place one of your descendants
    on your throne.
If your descendants obey the terms of my covenant
    and the laws that I teach them,
then your royal line
    will continue forever and ever.”

For the Lord has chosen Jerusalem;
    he has desired it for his home.
“This is my resting place forever,” he said.
    “I will live here, for this is the home I desired.
I will bless this city and make it prosperous;
    I will satisfy its poor with food.
I will clothe its priests with godliness;
    its faithful servants will sing for joy.
Here I will increase the power of David;
    my anointed one will be a light for my people.
I will clothe his enemies with shame,
    but he will be a glorious king.”

So this post brings to a close the third cycle of 3’s.  Nine years ago, we looked at these readings as a whole and tried to find the connections.  Six years ago, I only put up the Old Testament readings. For the last three years we have looked at the Psalms and complete that this Sunday – “Reign of Christ” Sunday.  This coming Sunday completes the Christian Year.  Our readings have changed on year C, which throws a wrench into the works, but beginning on the first Sunday of Advent (November 29, 2015) we will look at the Epistles beginning again with Year C.

I think it is appropriate that the Christian year ends with Reign of Christ Sunday.  After all, Jesus will someday reign forever – even as He reigns now.  Over the last few weeks we have been studying in Sunday School, the book of Revelation.  I like the emphasis that our curriculum has put on the victory of the Lamb.  The Lamb represents Jesus.  On this Sunday we remember that Jesus is in control – that He is the victor – even as he rose again from the grave and then reminded His disciples on the Mount of Olives that he would return to establish his kingdom forever.

We have an eternal King who reigns forever.  This Sunday completes our year – before we start all over again.

Here is a contemporary version of the Isaac Watt’s hymn “Jesus Shall Reign.”

Here is a video that I created several years ago for Reign of Christ Sunday.  It is based on an old audio recording called “That’s My King.”


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