Through Thanksgiving There Is Peace

It is November again and there are a lot of people on Face Book doing the thirty day Thanksgiving challenge. The Thirty Day Thanksgiving Challenge is a challenge to find something that you are thankful for during the entire month of November. Now I am not against being thankful. It is a good thing to take the time to find things that you can are thankful for – but let’s remember to do this all year around. We should not only look for the really big stuff that happens to us but we need to remember the little things too. Maybe even the little things that happen every day.  The very first book I read this year was One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I even wrote a blog about it back in January. So I am not going review the book again. I want to let you know what effect it had in my life this year. A couple months ago, I used the One Thousand Gift Devotional for my devotions for sixty days.

Dale and I have been going through a dark period in our lives this year. As many of you know, Dale and I resigned our positions at the church where we were on staff.  So that meant we had to start sending out resumes.  We sent our resume’ to every church in our denominations that had a position open that we were interested in. We did not get a position. I have to say in most of those moments it was hard to see how God was blessing us. Honesty, it felt more like God had forgotten us. Then I start working through the devotional and started to see that sometimes God does not always gives us blessings that are big so that we are reminded that he is around. Most times it is in the everyday little stuff that we can see his blessing too. I have learned that peace does come in to your life when you start to be thankful for the things that God has given you. At the end of the devotional book, there are twenty pages with the numbers 1- 1000. So that the person how is using the devotion can start working on a list of things they are thankful for. In her book Ann, has some things a couple of time, like the bubble in the dish water turn colors when the sun shines on it. So do not worry it the some things bless you a couple times on your list.

I have started working on this list and have worked on it off and on this past year. I did not get up to a thousand gifts yet but it is a work in progress. So here is my list so far.

1.       My bed after a week away from home

2.       The warm shower on a cold rainy day

3.       My grandson singing.

4.       The little girls at church laughing

5.       The smell of cookies baking

6.       The sound of the heater on a cold night

7.       A good friend visiting

8.       The little gifts from friends to remind us they love us

9.       Not hitting the skunk on the road

10.   How the van lights make the snow sparkle

11.   Quiet moment at home

12.   The beauty of the snow dust on the ground

13.   Listening to our kids conversation in the back of the van

14.   A fawn eating grass in our yard

15.   Smelling cookies

16.   Encouragement from friends

17.   My Army friends

18.   Hot day to be able to walk

19.   Smell of rain

20.   The deer in the field

21.   Zucchini I have to shredded

22.   Electric to charge our stuff

23.   Health of our kids

24.   Ssg Bland’s smile

25.   Unexpected money given to us

26.   Not have to pay the doctor because over paid once

27.   Low gas bills

28.   Anna’s eye is better

29.   Meeting Tucker’s family

30.   Coins to take to the bank to cash in

31.   Encouraging letter from a friend

32.   Scrap booking paper and sticker giving to me from Kirsten

33.   Soda in the morning

34.   Encouraging phone call from a friend

35.   Time hanging out with the family

36.   The fall colors

37.   Robert’s sweet voice saying “Hi Pop”

38.   The smell of Apple pie

39.   A butter squash and banana peppers

40.   Supper with the whole family there

41.   A gift from a church we were not expecting

42.   Friends like Craig and Vilene

43.   Smiles and hugs from the women at Sheets

44.   How pretty frost paints the world

45.   That all my kids are out of high school

46.   The friendship God has blessed us in the time of waiting.

47.   The sun pecking out of the clouds when it is cloudy

48.   Technology to keep in touch with family out of state

49.   Face time our kids in Canada

50.   Spending a morning with just with Dale

51.   Giving us a place to ministering during this time of waiting

52.   The sound of the crows calling around our house.

53.   Letting me get back to blogging

54.   Jobs

55.   A warm November (praying it will be a warm winter)

56.   My Ipad Mini (best gift ever)

57.   An encouraging song

58.   Safety on the roads ( our family drives a lot on the road get back and forth to jobs)

59.   The beautiful sunset and sun rises

60.   I am thankful for buzzard. .Buzzards are really ugly but they are important in the world we live in.

61.   Our kids helping out without complaining

62.   How the fog changes nature’s view and how we look at the world around us.

63.   Safety on the road, especially yesterday, when one of the “neighborhood” deer ran across the driveway.  (We have that hazard almost every evening at this time of year.)

So instead of just spending thirty day being thankful, why not get a notebook and see if you can find thousand gifts.






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