Running Update | November 14

RunnThis has been a good and challenging week for running.  With each run, I feel just a little bit stronger.  One run this week was run in completely new territory, while I waited for James to get off of work.  I knew the territory, but had never run there.  As running places go, it was functional – part of a shopping center parking lot and an access road to several businesses.  Still, a run is a run.  Today was a challenge because my work schedule was different – so I only have 15 miles for the week, but I am planning on getting a run in tomorrow afternoon, so in seven days, I will get in twenty miles and it will average out by the end of the month. The runs have been slow, but with each run, I feel a little stronger – some days I feel wiped out – probably from working 40+ hours and then trying to run 3+ hours a week.  I am looking forward to this next week.  Tomorrow marks the halfway point and if I hit 40 miles, I’m halfway to my goal of 80+ miles for the month.  That would make me very happy.  That’s about it for today – Pressing On!


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