On Families

This morning I was a little adventurous, I decide to take both of our children grocery shopping with me. All of our children are adults; the two that live at home are twenty four and eighteen.  It all started when our son who is the youngest jumped it to the front seat. His sister was not so happy, so he decides to have fun with her for example he would not put down the mirror so she could put on her lip stick.  They were good in the store for the most part. There one moment when our son asking for more candy.  I told him we have enough candy at home and over my dead body, any more candy was coming it to the house. He joked back to me, we can arrange that .Which made a young boy laugh, maybe he was thinking that hey I not the only who does to my parents. The fun started back up when we went to the car and our son jumped back in the front seat and his sister decided fight for it. Then she got the idea that she was going to drive home, there were two problems:  first one was I had the keys, second she really does not like to drive our van. All I could laugh and wonder if they would ever grow up.  (I did tell them this story was going to end in a blog post.)There is something about family dynamics – no matter how old we get, the moment we get with our family we fall in to the place we spent growing up. I see it every time I get together with my family – my siblings and I fall in the same roles we have been in for fifty years.  If you do not believe this, take some time watching other people who are siblings in action.  I have seen siblings who are in their seventies and eighties. Within moments you can tell who is the oldest, because they are the ones who is are in charge and the middle child is always trying to keep peace.  Then there is the youngest – they are the ones who everyone is telling them what to do.  It is just the way God has made family to work. No matter where your place in your family, you need to sit back and enjoy it.  Yes, we did not get to choose our family but God wants us to love them anyway.


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