Running Update

12191972_10153106429971987_1966591652517068578_nIt’s been a pretty crazy day – since the sun doesn’t get up till 8, it’s hard to go out before that, but I was able to get in a run and a very good run at that.  While for the last three months I have struggled, October was a great month.  I was able to get in 16 runs and one walk for a total of 65.5 miles this month – the best since June and more than double September – and we took a vacation in October – but in all fairness – I made it a point to run while on vacation.  My runs are slowly getting faster and I am feeling stronger each day.  Today’s run was a very strong run clocking in at a 9:15 pace over four miles (on the hills of Staunton.) I’m hoping to continue the pattern in November – trying to get up to 80 miles for the month – that will take some serious commitment – but I am ready – for the first time in a long time.  Each day I keep Pressing On!


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