Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

On The Mend

Last week our family was solidly in the “Sick Bay” category.  This week I can safely say that we are on the mend.  Each one of us has battled over the past week, but now each of us are getting stronger.

Falling Past Peak

This week we have been enjoying the incredible display of God’s fall foliage.  There is one particular spot that I love but it is tough to get a picture because it is on the main highway.  But both Pam and I have come to love this spot.  Early this week, we were solidly in the peak, but it now looks like we have moved beyond it.  It is a constant reminder of the seasons of life that we go through.


This morning as we headed to church, I was in a bit of a blah mood.  I’m glad I went however.  Yes, I have a “job” to do, even as a volunteer, but the Holy Spirit got ahold of me during Sunday School and we had a wonderful time of worship.  We are reminded that we have the victory – even now – no matter what comes at us – no matter what the devil throws our way – we have a Cornerstone – He is Jesus Christ – He alone can help us in our trials.  I am so glad we went this morning.  As a bonus Pam and I got in a walk this evening and now we are just relaxing.

Until next week – Seize the Day!


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