Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

On Vacation

That’s right…and I’m still typing this, so I’ll probably keep this short.

Thanksgiving and Baseball

Tonight we started celebrating Thanksgiving!?!? Yes, we are celebrating it with our Canadian family and getting to spend time with our grandson.  When you thing thanksgiving, you think football, but not in Canada…The Blue Jays are in the playoffs…Tomorrow we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with the family, with a bit of a non-traditional meal, but it will included PA Dutch Potato Filling for our daughter.  We are looking forward to it and then going out for a walk later, since there won’t be any football.

It was good to go to church with our kids this morning – as you guessed the theme was thanksgiving and it was a very meaningful service.

I do plan on going out for a run, since I am currently on a roll – hoping for at 4 quality runs this week of at least 3 miles each, except for one long one (probably on Saturday.)

Time to get to bed so we can spend time with the family tomorrow.

Seize the Day!


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