Running Update

12191972_10153106429971987_1966591652517068578_nIt’s been a pretty crazy day – since the sun doesn’t get up till 8, it’s hard to go out before that, but I was able to get in a run and a very good run at that.  While for the last three months I have struggled, October was a great month.  I was able to get in 16 runs and one walk for a total of 65.5 miles this month – the best since June and more than double September – and we took a vacation in October – but in all fairness – I made it a point to run while on vacation.  My runs are slowly getting faster and I am feeling stronger each day.  Today’s run was a very strong run clocking in at a 9:15 pace over four miles (on the hills of Staunton.) I’m hoping to continue the pattern in November – trying to get up to 80 miles for the month – that will take some serious commitment – but I am ready – for the first time in a long time.  Each day I keep Pressing On!

Reformation Day


Today is Reformation Day on the church calendar.  Today we remember that on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 thesis to the door of Wittenberg Church in response to errors that were currently in the church.  He did this not to start a new denomination, but to correct a movement.  As it is with most cases of inward reform, those trying to reform from the inside get kicked out.  So for 500 years the church was only two branches – Reformation is really the beginning of the multi-branch church.  That being said, I appreciate Martin Luther’s attempt to do a course correction.  One of the things that Martin Luther gave us – was to restore congregational singing in the church – the most famous of the hymns he gave us is “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.”  I hope you enjoy the version below.


Mattel just put out a video about the Barbie Doll. It is to change the image of the Barbie Doll. The first time I saw the video, it brought back memories of playing with my friend Becky when we were kids. Just to let you know I would sneak up to her brothers’ room and would get their GI Joes. Ken was never man enough for my Barbie Dolls to date.  I have a lot of great memories when Becky and I were growing up. She was my best friend for a lot of years.

It is interesting how memorizes of friends past and present come to our minds without warning. Sometime just the little things can take us to memories of other people who we sometimes forget how valuable they are to us. Not only that but we forget how some friends get us through the rough times in our lives. These days we have social media to help. It has opened the doors so that we can connect to friends we are no longer physically close to.  In our generation, many of us have moved away from our childhood homes.  The distances are sometimes far away. Social media helps to rekindle old friendships and to make new friendships with people that God has brought in our lives.  946429_10205004471294498_6020389313620949050_nA good example in our lives is Jeff and Kirsten. If it was not for Facebook, Dale and I would not have the joy of getting to know this great couple. They have been a great blessing in our lives for the past 8 years.

Today I want to encourage you to take the time to let a friend, old or new, know how much they mean to you.

Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

On The Mend

Last week our family was solidly in the “Sick Bay” category.  This week I can safely say that we are on the mend.  Each one of us has battled over the past week, but now each of us are getting stronger.

Falling Past Peak

This week we have been enjoying the incredible display of God’s fall foliage.  There is one particular spot that I love but it is tough to get a picture because it is on the main highway.  But both Pam and I have come to love this spot.  Early this week, we were solidly in the peak, but it now looks like we have moved beyond it.  It is a constant reminder of the seasons of life that we go through.


This morning as we headed to church, I was in a bit of a blah mood.  I’m glad I went however.  Yes, I have a “job” to do, even as a volunteer, but the Holy Spirit got ahold of me during Sunday School and we had a wonderful time of worship.  We are reminded that we have the victory – even now – no matter what comes at us – no matter what the devil throws our way – we have a Cornerstone – He is Jesus Christ – He alone can help us in our trials.  I am so glad we went this morning.  As a bonus Pam and I got in a walk this evening and now we are just relaxing.

Until next week – Seize the Day!

Running Update


People always tease me about my running. Some say that the only way they would run is if they were being chased down by a bear.  The above quote is my usual reply to my non-running friends. It really is true. You don’t have to be the fastest when outrunning a bear, you just don’t want to be the slowest.

This is my first running post in quite some time.  I have new respect for those who try to work forty hour weeks and still get some quality runs in – also respect for those who are on their feet for forty hours a week and still get runs in.  Early in October I resolved to solve my consistency problem.  Part of that was dealing with several bouts of down-time (I wouldn’t call it depression) but I was definitely sad.) Sometimes it was hard even to put on the shoes to run, much less get out there for a run.  I saw what happened in September – I logged less than 30 miles and was resolved that it wasn’t going to happen again – with each month getting less and less miles.  I really haven’t even been consistent at running since June.

That all changed this month – I am resolved to press on – and I have.  For three weeks in a row now, I have gotten in four runs.  This is my goal.  I decided it was better to start small and ramp up rather than try to do big runs all the time.  That’s what I have done.  After a week of no mileage at the end of September and the beginning of October, I simply ran four “short” runs, the longest being 4 miles.  This set me up for a base of 12 miles in a week (which for me is not many miles at all.) The next week, I added one mile – over the course of all the runs and this week I added about 1.3 miles.  I am now up to just under 16 miles for a week.

I have been lamenting my slow pace.  A friend of mine on Facebook encouraged me.  Since I am still ramping up mileage, it is hard to concentrate on building speed as well, since I want to build back my endurance.  The happy note comes this morning.  After several slow 5k runs over the last two weeks, I managed a faster one today – clocking in 5K at 28:21 – while still not a blazing run – it is faster than most runs of late.  A good goal will be to get that under 27.  The really good news is that this was a minute and 15 seconds faster than Thursdays run and my body finally is adjusting and making adjustments to running again.

It does feel good for everything to start falling in place again.  I’m really trying not to make excuses – I see there is some rain in the forecast for Wednesday – which is one of my prime running days, since it is the only day that I can run and not work.  I’m hoping the forecast changes or I might make some changes so I can continue my streak of four runs a week and add on to my mileage again.  My plan this week is  – Monday – 6 miles | Wednesday  – 4 miles | Thursday – 3 miles | Saturday – 4 miles for a total of 17.  I post this so those who want to can keep me accountable.

In the meantime, I will continue to Press On!