Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

I think tonight’s edition is going to be shorter than usual. “Why?” you ask.  It seems I’ve caught a bit of a cold that’s been going around.  Since I do have an online presence, I looked to see when I was sick last.  As far as I can tell it was way back in January of 2013.  That’s almost 2-1/2 years without a cold.  Quite remarkable considering I work in the food service industry and the amount of people I have contact with in a day.

It was interesting because I woke up completely fine but a sneeze early on – around 8 this morning gave me an idea something was up.  I felt fine all the way through church but then by early afternoon, I knew it was coming.  Right now it is just a head cold – with just a little stuffiness.  James already had a cold last week, so I suppose it was inevitable.

My mind is a bit cloudy, but that’s probably from the Dayquill.  I can’t wait to pick up Anna and get some Nightquil in my system and go to sleep.  I was planning on going for a run in the morning – I’ll have to see how I feel by then.  They say running is good even when you have a cold – as long as you don’t have a fever.  I think my running routine is why I don’t get colds very often.

In other news, we had a great service at Waynesboro Wesleyan this morning.  This little church is currently our church home and they have graciously allowed Pam and I to move in and help with the worship and children.  We focused on the worship of heaven – from Revelation 4 and 5 which also happened to be the theme of the Sunday School lesson.

I spent most of the rest of the day on the couch resting.  Pam and I are really looking forward to our trip to Canada for Thanksgiving in two weeks.  It should be fun and we can’t wait to see the kids.

That’s about it.  Seize the Day!

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