Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

It’s Sunday night and I know I missed last Sunday night.  We were hosting a friend from Wesleyan Publishing House.  It was good to have my good friend Wayne Richards here.  He currently on the fall tour that is put on by Wesleyan Publishing House and was on his way between Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  Since we are not far off the interstate, it is a good place to stay.  Wayne is a true friend and it is always good to see him.  We recounted some of the great times we had in the past and are looking to some great times in the future.

Speaking of the future, I spent some time revising my resume and also getting some new pictures of Pam and me.  Pam and I would like to thank our good friend Stephanie for the new head shots.  She does a great job.  She also took James’ graduation portraits and we were very pleased with those.

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This has been another interesting running week.  I’ve been working with a new ankle brace and I’m trying to work 40 hours and get some runs in.  I was able to get two runs in this week – one 3 miler and a 4 miler on Saturday.  I’m really hoping for two three milers and a four miler this week.  That would get me up to 10 miles – relatively pain-free.

This morning found us again at Waynesboro Wesleyan.  We had a wonderful service this morning and the Holy Spirit really ministered to me through the Sunday School lesson, the musical worship and the message by our friend Craig, who is the pastor there.

After church we were invited to their house for lunch and Vilene cooked a great dinner.  It was great to fellowship with our friends.

That is about all folks.  I would encourage you to keep us in your prayers.  We are really seeking God’s direction and want to be where He wants us.  We want to go through the open door that he provides, even though we can’t see it at the moment.  Have a great week!

Seize the Day!


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