A Tradition that is No Longer

Back-to-School (1)

Today is Back-to-School eve.  The children in our county will be heading back to school tomorrow.

Over the last few weeks, Pam and I have watched Facebook as many of our friends posted their children’s First Day of School pictures.  For the first time since 1993, we don’t have a child going to public school.  It’s weird – it’s like something is missing.  Rebecca has graduated college and is attending classes on a graduate level and her and her husband are currently taking classes so they can lead birthing classes.  Anna has graduated from college and this last spring James graduated from high school.  We had two traditions associated with Back-to-School – with even a few more if you added in our church activities.

The first was the Night Before School Ice Cream outing.  We always took the kids out for ice cream – where ever that may be – in New York, it was at “The Farmer’s Daughter,” in Martinsville it was Dairy Queen and here it was usually Klines.

The second back to school tradition was cinnamon buns on the first day of school along with the regular first day of school pictures.  It will be weird not doing all these events because they have been part of our lives for 22 years.

For those who do have children going back to school, we pray for them as they return. We pray that God will protect them, that they will be light,  and that they will learn the important things in live.  I also pray for our many Christian teacher friends – I pray that they also may shine God’s light and be the hands and feet of Jesus.



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