Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsBack in the Saddle (for a moment)

This morning our family woke up and made the trek across the valley to Waynesboro Wesleyan Church.  We were filling the pulpit this week for them.  I preached a message called Imitate God from Ephesians 5.  It was great to preach and lead the musical worship.  Pam taught the children.  This evening we went back and had another good service.  It was good to help out our friends.  It feels like we have been in and out of church for the past few weeks.  We will be helping them again next week as we continue to seek the Lord’s direction.

This week has been quite the week as I worked a full 40 hours at Chick-fil-A.  My body is still adjusting and I am still trying to figure out my running schedule.  I plan on going out for a run tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning, but later in the week, I will have to do an evening run.  I haven’t done many of those in the summer.

When I went to pick up James last night, I ended up working another hour helping restock because our store got slammed with guests last evening.

That’s about all I have – my brain is a little tired.  Seize the Day!


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