We Are All Needy

Today I was at work and in one of the rare down moments this morning, and they were few this morning, two of the team leaders said something about needing something. One needed to go to the back to take some medicine and another needed to use the restroom. Then someone made the comment about the being needy. I casually said we are all needy and then got to thinking about it.  Isn’t it true, we really are needy. We were created with a God-shaped vacuum in our hearts and we want to fill that. We use all kinds of things to fill that void, but ultimately only Jesus can meet our ultimate need.

As I was driving to pick up James from work this evening, The song “your Grace Finds Me” started playing on my iPad. It is so true, God’s Grace finds us-whether we are weak or strong, rich or poor, saint or sinner, in the good times and in the bad times, in the darkest night of the souls and in the sweetest songs of victory.

We are needy and it is only God’s wonderful, amazing grace that can meet us and fill our deepest need.


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