Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

This week we continue our journey.  We decided to join our friends over a Waynesboro Wesleyan.  There was a great spirit in the service and Pam enjoyed teaching the children and I assisted with leading the music.  We even had a few three part harmonies going on.  Be praying for Pastor Craig and Vilene as they lead this church.  It was unique yesterday that for the first time in a long time all four of us were together for meals and let me say that it was good to eat together as a family.

We would appreciate your continued prayers as we continue to seek the Lord’s direction.  I know that my body has gotten weary from working a forty hour week.  I forgotten what that was like.  Not only am I working the forty hours, but I’m trying to keep my running schedule intact as well. This week I am doing something (sort of) new.  I will be opening the store three times this week, which means I will be up before the sun everyday.  In fact, I am writing this on early Monday morning before I head into my shift today.

That’s about all I have for this week.  Continue to Seize the Day and each opportunity.


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