Song For America | Kansas

So I thought I might try something different for a Wednesday post.  Usually Wednesday’s post is something about worship.  Since I am in a transition state, I have spent much more time on the road and much more time listening to music.  One of the things that I have done is created some playlists in Spotify.  One of those playlist is simply songs I like – no matter the genre.  There are 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even 2000’s songs on there – country, rock, pop – no rhyme nor reason.  It is a great road trip playlist, because as Forest Gump once said, “You never know what you’re going to get.” It’s fun to put it on shuffle play and let it play.  I think there are enough songs to play for 10 hours or more.  As I was listening to that playlist, I found myself waxing nostalgic.  I was listening to groups like Chicago, Toto, Kansas, and others. The musicianship was fabulous.  I love listening to these groups.

One of the other playlists I have includes most of the Kansas discography.  I have been going through some of the albums that I have never listened to before, mainly the first and second.  One of the songs that I come back to over and over again is “Song for America.” It is an epic ten-minute song.  I’ve included a video from the “No Place Like Home” DVD. It was recorded for The 35th anniversary of Kansas and has a full orchestra backing.  Not that Kansas needed that, because with six members they can sound like an orchestra.  Over the next few weeks, I plan on sharing some of my favorite music.

Song for America has become one of my favorite Kansas recordings – even eclipsing “Crossfire,” which for many years was my favorite.  Perhaps because it is more mellow and has so many “classical” moments.  Some is because of the interplay between the drums and bass.  Phil Ehart does an amazing job on drums and that is one of the parts that intrigues me on this piece.  So here on week 1 is “Song for America.”


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