Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsI think for the first time in nine years, I missed a Sunday Night Thoughts last week.  Last Sunday was also the first Sunday in 17 years that we didn’t have a church home.  We had planned to go to the mountains and have some family worship, but a family emergency came up and we went to visit some family in Pennsylvania.  Everything is good there now.  We came home on Monday.  It was very strange not getting up and going to church. This doesn’t mean that we have ceased to minister, it’s just now we are not attached to a church – at least for the moment.

When we arrived back home on Tuesday we found out that our final lead – at least for now – had dried up.  It was tough to say the least – and I had to go in to Chick-fil-A and lead the team.  I am so thankful to my fellow team leaders and team members for helping me get through the day.

This week was a full week as a Team Leader at Chick-fil-A.  We are continuing to seek the Lord’s guidance and direction.  To be real honest and transparent, it has been tough.  One of the thoughts that has going through my mind all week is “Yet I will praise Him!” God has had to remind me over and over and over again this week.  We would continue to covet your prayers.

Our original plan for the day, was to try the same thing as last week, but we really felt that we needed to be in church – but where to go.  We wanted to go somewhere that was 1) contemporary 2.) was big so we wouldn’t be noticed and could be incognito 3.) a place where nobody would know us.  We managed to find the first two, but I think being that I work at Chick-fil-A, number 3 is going to be hard.  Finally we decided on Church On the Hill.  It is a Four Square Church.  We tried to sneak in as close as possible to the beginning of the service.  This is not my style – usually.  Let’s just say that we were pleased.  The service was an hour and a half long.  They had a special guest, but I loved the way they presented it.  It was done in a interview format.  i would love to try that for a missions conference sometime in the future.  The musical worship was great – it lasted about 45 minutes – with spontaneous prayers and planned prayers and music and come as you will communion.  The songs I recognized were “Forever,” “Your Grace is Enough,” and “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” When I came home I looked for one of the two other songs.  It was “You Never Fail” by Hillsong.  Then they took some time to dismiss the children – that was cool – before the children left, they prayed a prayer of blessing on the children.  There was some teaching about giving and then we took the offering followed by the special guest.  The service was concluded by a real benediction – which was a nice change of pace.

After that we went to lunch and then came home – and … well…it was just too strange.  There is a rhythm to a parsonage and that rhythm has been completely disrupted at the moment.  It’s really strange not thinking about the service next week and planning for the next week, especially when you have done that for 17 years.  Tomorrow is a weekend day of sorts for me – no Chick-fil-A tomorrow and then another full week there.

Again, Pam and I would appreciate your prayers.  We want to be exactly where God wants us to be and in the meantime we want to seize every opportunity we can to minister right where we are.  Seize the Day!


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