Running Update

169903-oThis again was a tough week on the running front, but it did have some highlights.  Monday morning we were at my mom and dads, so I got out for a very warm and humid run.  My watch was back here in Staunton, so I went out for an unmeasured – time-wise at least – run of 3 miles.   Wednesday I had to go into work at 8 and Anna had to be to work at 7, so there was no getting a run in then, but yesterday was great.  I wanted to do six miles and did it and did it at around a 9:07/mile pace, while this isn’t great, it wasn’t bad considering I am still really getting used to being on my feet for forty hours a week.  Hopefully I will be able to start increasing the mileage this week and get back to a decent running schedule.  The important thing is to Press On!


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