Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Tonight is a bit of a strange night.  Why? Well today was the last day of ministry at our current assignment and we said goodbye to the congregation at Parkway Wesleyan Church.  While we said goodbye, we will still be in the area as we await God’s direction for our next assignment.  There may be some news in that department some time this week.

This morning we had a wonderful service at Parkway.  We sang some of my favorites and the team did a great job leading worship.  Pam even joined the team due to sickness on the team.  The Holy Spirit was evident as we sang songs of worship.  Before our pastor came to preach, the congregation offered us some gifts and they were wonderful.  One was a collage of the ministry here at Parkway and the other was a picture of some of the famous architecture of Staunton.  They were both beautiful gifts.  We weren’t able to open the many cards we received because it was time to head to district conference.

Anna and I are playing on the worship team for conference.  Anna is playing flute, while I am on acoustic guitar.  We have a great band this year (as we have had in the past.) It’s always amazing how you can pull that many people together and still be on the same page.  I can’t wait for the team to lead in worship Monday and Tuesday night.  Tomorrow is business day and we will do the business of the church.  Then we have a commissioning service in the evening.  It has been so good to see our friends, not only in the Shenandoah District, but from around the Wesleyan Church.  I look forward to the rest of our time together with our Shenandoah friend.  We were privileged to have Dr. Laurel Buckingham as our guest speaker tonight and he preached a great message about Pressing On.  How appropriate!  It was a great night and now it is time to get to bed, because I would like to get up for a run in the morning before breakfast.

I’ll have some more things to share throughout the week about this new “season” that we are in – but for now it is time to get to bed so that I can Seize the Day tomorrow


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