Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night ThoughtsTo say that it has been an interesting 27 hours or so would be an understatement.  It all began around 5:30 last evening.  The remnants of Tropical Storm Bill were approaching us.  As part of that system, there was a band of severe thunderstorms.  It had really been windy earlier in the day, but as this first band of storms approached, they looked a bit menacing.  I had my iPad out and I started Instagraming some pictures.  The rain was coming down hard and there was a great shot that I wanted of the puddles in the driveway.  I got that shot and then “it” happened.  Obviously I’m here telling the story, so it wasn’t that bad, but it was scary at the moment.  A bolt of lightning came from the sky (as I was standing outside.) It crackled as it lit up the sky.  I was way too close to the action.  The last time this happened Rebecca was a baby and we were headed to church (come to think of it, that storm resulted in a power outage as well.) I beat a hasty retreat to our now darkened house – it must have hit a line close by. (My guess was confirmed by a Dominion Power lineman today.) It was quite warm and being that we didn’t have any power, Pam and I decided to head to Harrisonburg to the mall. (Anna and James were ushering at the American Shakespeare Center.) Initially we thought the strike only took out power to the house but it took one of the phases of the church as well,

By the time we got home, Dominion was working on the road outside the church, and shortly afterward came up to the church and just a bit after that fixed the power at the pole outside the house.  All was well (or so we thought.)  Fortunately for us, the power continued to hold here at house all night.  My first inkling that something was wrong should have been when I couldn’t get internet this morning.  I had lots to do this morning, so I headed up to the church to get ready for service. As soon as I walked in, I knew something was wrong.  We would find out that the lighting strike also took out one of the three transformers that feeds the church.  It was a warm morning for us.  We had enough power to run sound and video and some of the lights in the building worked, so we still had church.

One of our members invited us to use  their pool this afternoon, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the pool.  Anna, James and I had some great fun playing games.  Later we took Anna to work and when we arrived back home, Dominion was here again, this time to replace the transformer.  It was interesting to watch.  By 7 this evening, everything was “normal” again.  I just took a trip up to the church and the power seems to be holding 🙂

Except for that quick band of showers, most of the remnants of Bill were underwhelming.  At little rain overnight, but that was about it.  Today is the first day of summer and we feel like we are in mid-summer form.  Pam and I have been getting out early to exercise because by 8 it is getting too warm.  Yesterday, not only did I run 6 miles but I walked three with Pam.  I’m hoping to get out early tomorrow for about a nine mile run.  I really want to establish a solid summer time routine – something I never got to last year.

It is Father’s Day and this afternoon, I got to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day.  My kids got me something special – A Kansas DVD called “Miracles Out Of Nowhere.” It is a documentary on the band Kansas which I have enjoyed listening to.  I didn’t get to watch the DVD because we lost our TV in the lightning strike – which is on the agenda for replacement tomorrow.

We did have a good worship service this morning despite technical issues.  We had a new laptop and I didn’t quite have all the bugs worked out this morning.  I also started our first song in the wrong key 😦 The second song I had to do almost all from memory because the computer locked up.  Pam did a great job with the children’s sermon.  Like I said except for the extra warmth, it was a good morning.

As I wrap it up tonight, I would ask for your prayers for wisdom and direction as we try to figure out where God is leading us.  There are several possibilities still open and we have our resume at those.  It’s been a bit stressful around here, especially as we start approaching our last Sunday.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.  Seize the Day! 


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