Hymns Inspire Worship

This short quote is from a much larger article.  I like the tone of this article because it is not a “worship wars” piece.  It places a high value on the hymns while not putting down the purpose of newer music.  I especially liked these paragraphs:

We should choose historic hymns that provoke thankful hearts. The aim of singing hymns is engaging both the head and the heart. Just as we read and meditate on the Scriptures to see and worship God, so we choose songs that teach robust theological truth that cause our hearts to erupt with praise. The chief end of theology is doxology.

In choosing historic hymns for corporate worship, we should choose those that make our hearts sing. From the content of the lyric, to the movement of the melody, we want beauty and transcendence to come together and serve the people of God. In our pursuit of theological precision, we must not neglect the pursuit of heartfelt response.

Click here to read the whole article


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