Multi-Generational Worship Leading

6 Tips for leading modern worship

If you’re a worship leader, you know the struggle.

It’s not a new struggle. As long as the church has been in existence, people have fought over music.

In the Reformation days, Martin Luther was accused of bringing secular tunes into the church.

In 1540 John Calvin stated that only the Old Testament Psalms sung in a metrical rhythm were appropriate for corporate worship. This caused quite a stir of controversy between Calvin’s followers and Luther’s.

Gregorian chants were criticized when vocal harmonies were introduced.

David & Dale Garrett were some of the first to use drums and guitars in worship back in the 1960s. You probably know the criticism that received.

Fast forward to the present day: If you lead worship in a multi generational church, you know the worship wars.

If you cater to the older folks, the young don’t connect. If you cater to the young, the older don’t connect. It’s a vicious cycle. But I’m wondering, are their ways to be progressive and modern in a way that most people can connect?

Of course, it’s not possible to please everyone, but if you lead a multi generational church it’s your responsibility to find a place for different types of people to connect.

If people aren’t singing, engaging, connecting on a regular basis, we’re doing something wrong. Let’s take an objective look at our worship planning.

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