Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughtstumblr_inline_nh6gvocXAc1t4snhvNine Years

Nine years ago tonight my blogging career had it’s start.  Well, it all started on the third Sunday of May – the same day as our first Preston Wesleyan Homecoming.  The reason I got started blogging was because of my good friend Mark Wilson, the pastor of Hayward Wesleyan Church.  I was pastoring a small rural church at the time – transplanted to the south – my writings reflected the musings of a small rural church pastor – who also was trying to understand the culture into which he was called.  The official birthday is May 22.  I think I might post something more significant Friday.  In related news, a blog that I follow about athletic uniforms also started nine years ago today.

Currently Playing…

Of late Matt Maher has getting quite a bit of airplay around our house.  I’ve been teaching some of his songs at church and may even use another one this coming Sunday for Pentecost called “Burning In My Soul.”  I love his music because it doesn’t follow the typical pattern of most contemporary music and it is worship music with a strong guitar base – since most worship music is moving in the direction of keyboard orientation.  I encourage you to check out “Saints and Sinners” and “And All the People Said Amen.” Both of these are great albums and as I type I am listening to the Saints and Sinners album.  Great stuff.

Summer Warm-up

We have had a real taste of summer – today it has been quite humid.  We’ve been getting a lot of rain so the grass is growing like crazy, but it is great for getting out on runs.  It is so nice to get out in t-shirts and shorts instead of bundling up.

What the Future Holds?

As many of you know, we resigned our position at Parkway and are currently in the searching position.  It’s really been amazing as God has given us a peace this week…we have some things on the table, but I’m not ready to reveal anything at this time.  As things come into place, I’ll let you know…we would appreciate your continued prayers.

The Joy of the Lord

This morning was just one of those mornings…the joy of the Lord was evident in our service this morning.  We started off with a great gospel song, one of my mother-in-laws favorites when she was with us, “Victory In Jesus.” Our congregation sounded awesome as we sang this great song.  We continued with a relatively new song for our congregation, but they still sang well on “God Is Able.” The first set finished off with “How Great Is Our God” – another familiar tune.

One of the songs I have wanted to teach to our congregation was “This Is Amazing Grace.” This morning I sang it as the offertory with a track.  It was great and the congregation really enjoyed that as well.  It was just a great celebration of God’s victory in the resurrection of Jesus.

I’m looking forward to another celebration next week as we get ready to celebrate the birthday of the Church Universal – it’s Pentecost – the coming of the Holy Spirit – the birthday of the church.  I am looking forward to it and am encouraging our congregation to celebrate by dressing in bright colors.  It should be great!

Well, that’s about all I have for the evening.  I hope you all have a great week.  Remember to Seize the Day!


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