Running Update

So here we are on the third Saturday of May, just one week distant from last week’s blistering 5k and three weeks distant from a half-marathon.  As a runner I’ve been in a little bit of a down season, but over the last couple of weeks have really been trying to change all that.  If running was one of the other sports, I would say that I am in a rebuilding season – and that is what I am in.  It seems that year 5 of my running career had more lows than highs.

But I am encouraged.  I ran 16 miles this week and only one of those runs was at a pace slower than a 9:00/mile – and that was on purpose, because it was the longest run of the four.  All the other runs were under an 8:40 with today’s short 3 miler clocking in at an 8:34/mile pace.  I really want to see these short runs under an 8:30 pace and get the long runs under a 9:00 pace.  I think that I am on the right track at the moment and really plan to continue this through the summer so that I can be strong in the fall.  I have one race planned for the end of the summer – it’s a 5K and depending on where we move, I would like to get a longer effort in as well.  The key is to keep on keeping on.  I am a runner – running is what I do. Pressing On!


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