Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts

Happy Mother’s Day 2015

A big shout out to all the mom’s out there.  A special shout out to my mom.  I love you so much.  You and dad taught us well and you taught us the important things.  Thank you for teaching us the priority of Jesus in our lives. Also thank you for teaching us that the church is an important part of our lives and not just the thing we do when we don’t have something more important to do.  Thank you for teaching us about helping others – about going the second mile – that it’s not all about us.

Also a special mention to my late mother-in-law.  I’ve been missing her and her wisdom and I know Pam has as well – in fact her whole family still misses her.  She and her husband left a wonderful legacy to the Kingdom as well.

A shout out to my beautiful daughter Rebecca – Happy Mother’s Day.  This is number two for you.  I love you so much and your dedication to the Lord, your husband and your beautiful son.

Lastly, but certainly not least – a shout out to my beautiful wife and mother of our three children – Pam.  You’ve been a mom for a long time and you had some great women to learn from.  I love you more than ever.

I’ve been saying a special prayer all day for those – who for one reason or another – this is a difficult day.

A Beautiful Summer Preview

It looks like we skipped spring and went right to summer.  We have had two beautiful days.  Yesterday I participated in the ComfortCare Stride for Life 5K.  It was a great race.  I finished 8th over all and 3rd in the Adult Male Division.  That’s cool because for the first time in six years, I placed in a race.  I pushed hard and the effort was well worship it, especially because it was all for a great cause.

Pam and I have been enjoying this beautiful weather and even got out for a walk this afternoon.  The park was a little crazy but because of Mother’s Day there were no baseball games, so it wasn’t as bad as it usually is on a Sunday.

The Search Continues

Just a little over a week ago, Pam and I interviewed at a church in New York.  We received word that they have selected someone else.  While we don’t know at this time exactly where the Lord is leading, we know one place where He is not.  We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to seek God’s guidance in all of this.  It’s strange because this is the first time since I’ve been writing this blog that we have been in this situation.  In the case of us coming to Parkway, we were called by the church while we were still pastoring.  At the time we weren’t even looking.  The position came to us.  This time it is different.  This much I know.  God has a plan.

Last night I was up at the church and singing some worship songs.  I came across “I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy.” God reminded me that all He wants is us.  He wants us to live for Him, to care care of the widows and orphans, to love our neighbors as ourselves and to worship Him.  Those are the truly important things in life.

I will be keeping you posted, without revealing too much information as the process continues.

This week begins some serious transition stuff.  I will be doing some A/V training, bringing people up to speed on how to use the A/V equipment in our sanctuary, as well as doing some other training.  I have a few videos to get ready.  One to show how we dispersed a wonderful gift our church received for global missions and then I need to get rolling on a slideshow for graduation.  I can’t believe our youngest is graduating from high school in just a few short weeks.

By the way, I need to brag on James.  I few weeks ago, James went to the state debate tournament. This means that he went three years in a row.  This makes me so proud.

I think that’s about all I have and I believe Anna is done at work, so I encourage you to….

Seize the Day!


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