ComfortCare Stride for Life 5K

P1070125Two weeks ago, I ran the Park to Park 1/2 Marathon.  It was a cool and grey day and in the middle of the race we got a little sleet.  It was a tough 13 miles.  Today the story was much different.  I ran the ComfortCare Stride for Life 5K.  It’s a 3.1 mile race held in our local park and this is the third time I have run this race.  I knew going into this race that there would be no personal records (PR). In fact, if my training runs were any indication, this was going to be a slow 5k for me.  My goal today was to finish between 26 and 27 minutes – based on my training times.  I haven’t run at an 8:00/mile pace in several months so that wasn’t even on my radar.

Apparently having fresh legs for an event like this counts for something.  The short training runs paid off.  Yes it was a tough race – it was beautifully sunny and a bit warm – and I pushed hard.  Here’s the good news. I finished at 24:37 and took 3rd place in the adult men’s division. That put me under an 8:00/mile which came as a huge surprise to me.    It was a great little race.

My plan this week is to get in one “long” run (twice as long time-wise as today’s run) and then run some more short runs to work on my quickness.  That has really paid off over the last several weeks and today’s run was a testimony to that.  It really is proof that perseverance pays off.  Pressing On!

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